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DeToast | 16 | Determined \(=w= )/

Hello there human!
I am just a blob filled with determination~!

I would love to make countless friends during my stay here and I hope you all do the same :la:

Thank you all wonderful people for all the sweet comments, faves and llamas <3


[El Re:meantParty] Eyrie OC Sheet

//Phew, done at last >w<)




[ B a s i c   I n f o r m a t i o n ]

► N a m e        
         █  Eyrie

► C l a s s          
      █ Rogue

► W e a p o n  
        █ Elblades

► A g e              
      █ 13 (base job) ► 15 (1st job) ► 16 (2nd job)

► R a c e    
              █ Halfbreed (Orc/Halfkin)

[ C l a s s  I n f o r m a t i o n s ]

C l a s s   T r e e      █

Rogue ► Relic Rogue ► Runic Guardian
Rogue ► Mimic Rogue ► Copycat
Rogue ► Storm Rogue ► Chaos Wielder

► S p e e d    
                    █ Slow / Medium / Fast 

► A t t a c k   R a n g e  
    █  Melee / Medium / Long 

► S p e c i a l  A b i l i t y  
  █ Blood Frenzy

Once 80% of her health is lost, Eyrie's orc blood awakens and she goes on a rampage. Her speed increases and gains a 10% lifesteal for a short duration (30 sec) with a cooldown of 3.5 mins.
While in this mode, Eyrie is immune to status effects such as stuns, burns, etc.

► S p e c i a l t y    

Eyrie heavily relies on stuns and status effects to disrupt the enemy's movements and then aims speedy combos one after another at the enemy. Eyrie's class strives in 1 vs 1 but is weak in 1 vs 2+. However, if played right, she can excel in taking out multiple enemies by stunning one and quickly dealing with another.

[ B a c k g r o u n d  &  P e r s o n a l i t y ]

► B a c k g r o u n d  █ 

-----------------------------------[   F I R E F L Y   M A I D E N  ▼ ]

Born a halfbreed, Eyrie was what one would call an orphan. From childhood, she scavenged for food ,berries, and miracles. At that time, there was rebellion in Eyrie's homecity. The late king, a kind soul, was overthrown and in his place was a wicked and cruel tyrannt who held tremendous power - power of the El. Eyrie was adopted into a group of rebels. She didn't mind since they were the only people she can call 'family'. Suprisingly, one of the members - and leader - of the rebel gang was the former prince. Then, Eyrie did not understand the significance of 'titles' nor 'classes' and so, she a little disrespectful to the prince in peeple's eyes. The prince laughed it off; he gave Eyrie a title, her very first one: "Firefly Maiden".

The renegade saw in Eyrie a fiery spirit, able to take action and carry out tasks accordingly, and recognizes her as an important ally. Through frequent ambushes, raids, and spying on the castle with her gang, Eyrie learnt camaraderieship and picked up on basic vital combat and thieving skills. By now, (nearly half a year), Eyrie views the renegade as a charismatic leader: one who she can place her trust in and a close friend. However, neither the rebellion nor the tyrant's rule lasted long. Hordes of monsters, demons, cyborgs, and underworldlings swarmed the city, sacking it of its valuable riches and precious treasures due to the corrupted Elstone.

All was hellic chaos.

-----------------------------------[   C O R R O D E D   E L S T O N E  ▼ ]

Royal guards fought alongside rebels, not distinguishing - nor caring to distinguish - between the sides, but fighting for a single united victory. Eyrie, being a half orc herself, was frightened and wary of what the corroded Elstone could do to her. Luckily, she was saved from rampaging by an uncorrupted El fragment given to her by the prince. (Later on, she learns that this very El fragment was an El jewel embedded in the former royal crown that was previously worn by the prince.) Eyrie attempted to fight alongside the prince, but he told her that he was going to recover the corrupted Elstone and insisted that she does not follow him as she might get infected if she went too near to the corroding El or that the El shard which he gave her would become corrosive over time if she stayed here for too long. When Eyrie asked him why he is doing this when he can easily escape, he replies, "It's not for the kingdom, but for the people." For the people whose lives are in danger and the ones whose lives will be; for the lives that were taken while fighting bravely to protect. For if the Elstone is not purified, then calamity would ensue.

-------------------------------------------------[    T H E   Q U E S T ▼  ]

Eyrie found herself fleeing. Running from the choas, blood, corruption, danger. Abandoning her home, her friends

One week later. Eyrie seems to have a knack of raiding. In fact, she seems to enjoy the distraction. From one village to another, she swept through them like wildfire. Through her raids, she came across a rumour, one about the El scattered across Elrios - namely, an Elstone in a village called Elbor. And that something was wrong with the El: it was weakening. Fearing that the weakening of the El was going to be a repeat of history, Eyrie immediately set out to find the magical jewel located in Elbor. At first, Eyrie had thought that it was just going to be another one of her thieving feats - but her heart told her that this was for her lost kingdom.

► P e r s o n a l i t y  █

[+ energetic, steadfast, capable]
[- rebellious, impatient, crass]

Eyrie prefers being in a solitary place; away from all living things for some time. She doesn't like to take part in large-scale wars since it reminds her of the phobia she felt of the corrupted El, but rather in small skirmishes that last a few hours. Not always does Eyrie have the motivation to do certain things, for she dislikes being forced to do things, but when she does - which is rare - , she devotes herself entirely to doing it.

[ M i s c e l l a n e o u s ]

► T r i v i a  █ 

• Despite being a halfbreed, Eyrie shares an affinity with humans: she grew up among them, lived like them, and shares a similar dislike towards demons and monsters.

• Due to Eyrie's mixed half-orc and halfkin blood, she resembles an elf and have pixie-like features.

• Eyrie was originally planned out to be a vampire >w<

► R e l a t i o n s  █ 

open <3

Eyrie (c) DeToast 

[ElRP] Eyrie Base Job Art Process
Mmm~ turned out much better than I anticipated owo !! Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
I kept some of her old designs, but her origins will likely be completely revamped from when she was in the old Elsword-RPs group.

Also, I'll update along with any changes ~


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I'll have my second done soon.
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